Vail & Beaver Creek Restaurant Week 2018

Sep 17, 2018 -- Posted by : TV8

[Video Transcript]

Molly Dewey, TV8 Host: I am here in the studio with my friend Alison Wadey, and we are going to be chatting about the Vail and Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, which is coming up. I'm so excited to talk food and I’m excited to talk discounted food.  It’s honestly one of the best parts about fall, and I think one of the best things about being a local is that we get to really take advantage of all the restaurants that we maybe don't necessarily eat at on a regular basis.

Alison Wadey, Restaurant Week: The summer is becoming just as busy as the winter, and so I feel that a lot of people who live here don't come into the villages as much.  The shoulder seasons are great for that, so it's great to do something like Vail & Beaver Creek Restaurant Week, where all of our fabulous restaurants can showcase what they do and and the community can come out and enjoy it.



Host: Which is so fun, because we live in this small community and we're so lucky because we get the best of both worlds. We're a small town, but we have this gourmet food at our fingertips.

Wadey: We market a lot to the front range as well, so we get a lot of people up to look at the leaves and it's kind of a one-two punch. It’s a great thing. We have a lot of lodging partners that offer these great packages as well. So people can come in for a night or two and stay in a room for a great rate and then enjoy all the restaurants. And again, get outside, hike, and see the leaves.



Host: What are the dates?
Wadey: It starts September 28th though October 7th. All of our participating restaurants are offering some sort of version of either an entree or a lunch package for $20.18. So a deli might say you get two sandwiches, two chips, and two drinks for $20.18 or something of that sort.

Host: Such a great deal, and it's so fun. And a lot of times they are kind of prefixed menus?

Wadey: For a while that was the case, but a lot of restaurants now just say they will do all of their entrees at $20.18. So go online and look, we do upload the specials as we get them from the restaurants in Beaver Creek and Vail. Go to to stay up-to-date with that. Also on the website, there are links to each of the restaurant’s websites as well, so you can book directly through them. I know that there are people in town that they wait until this time every year, and they book a different restaurant every night for 7 nights.



Host: Such an exciting time of year and I love the idea of really turning it into a whole experience, the food and maybe staying somewhere in town.  

Wadey: And a lot of our retail stores are gonna stay open, they have wonderful sales that they're running right now to push out the summer products. It's a great time to come back into town, and it's a little quieter, so you'll probably run into people you know. So it's very social, and it's it's a great need time of year, and to see that vibrancy in town mid-week is great.

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