Ditch the Drive! Use Epic Mountain Express

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ASHLEY PRILL, TV8 HOST: “Mmm that coffee has never tasted so good. This morning I am here in the studio with Michael and Ralston from Epic Mountain Express. Good morning you guys. So you know I love my coffee, and I love that you guys brought me this mug. Thank you so much, and for people that aren't aware of what Epic Mountain Express is, we have a lot of people that are just coming into town maybe they're working for Vail Resorts for the first time from all over the world, what is it that you guys do?

MICHAEL REA, EPIC MOUNTAIN EXPRESS: Yeah, so we're an airport shuttle. We do a door-to-door service. We Service Denver International Airport (DIA) and Eagle Airport.

HOST: Okay, so it’s door-to-door service, and let's break that down a little bit because I think a lot of us are familiar with that drive to DIA. It's usually about two hours, but then you get there and then you have to park, you have to pay for parking, and then sometimes you’re parking in the way far away lots in Siberia and it takes like an hour to get from the parking lot to the airport. So how does it work for you guys, what do you mean door-to-door?

REA: So if you're staying at the Arabelle or the Lodge at Vail we will pick you up at the airport and bring you directly to your hotel. If you’re at a private residence we'll bring you right to your private residence in the valley.

HOST: Okay, so you don't even have to mess around with parking, you don't have to mess around with renting a car, you guys take care of all of that.

REA: We'll take care of all of that.

More Than Just an Airport Shuttle

HOST: Okay, now is it just to the airport? Is that exclusively what you do?

RALSTON ALLEN, EPIC MOUNTAIN EXPRESS: Just to the airport? No. So the airport and sometimes, like Mike was saying before, we have places where we actually do residential and sometimes you know we have big functions and stuff like that, so we have a certain amount of vehicles taking care of those kinds of events.

 HOST: So like for instance, if I had a wedding or something that I wanted to have in Vail I could call you guys and you would take care of that?

ALLEN: Oh yes.

REA: Absolutely, we do a lot of weddings, we do a lot of corporate dinners.

HOST: Okay, or even if my giant family is coming into town for Christmas and I can't accommodate all of them in my car are you guys going to help out with that too?

ALLEN: Oh yes!

HOST: that's incredible! Okay, so the Epic Mountain Express, I mean this is something. How long have you worked there Ralston?

ALLEN: So for me this is gonna be my fifth season. I’ve been there from 2014 as a Guest Service driver and now I’m a lead driver.

HOST: Okay!

ALLEN: So actually you know I love training new drivers and love to be with the guests that's my main kind of thing.

HOST: I mean you have to love it if you’ve been there for five years and you keep coming back.

ALLEN: Oh yeah, oh yeah!

HOST: And Michael, how about you?

REA: I started in the winter of 2011, and kind of worked my way up. I just absolutely loved it. I moved out here for five months and decided to stay, came on full-time, moved up through operations, and I'm now currently the Training Manager.

HOST: Okay, so I mean that's obviously a testament to your job. I mean people don't just kind of stick around if they don't like what they're doing.

REA: Right.

Join the Team

HOST: So I hear you guys are looking for some members to join your team, huh?

REA: Always.

ALLEN: Oh yeah!

REA: Yeah, so we're currently hiring reservation staff, seasonal agents, drivers, we have an array of positions for driver opportunities right now, holiday help, part-time help, full-time, year-round, and seasonal as well.

HOST: Okay and let's just say that people are really interested and like alright I could really stand to make some cash over the holidays sounds like that it's a good fit, but then like do you guys do overtime every now and then?

REA: Yes.


REA: We not only supply it we encourage it.

HOST: So there's some good opportunities to not only make some extra money this holiday season, but then also work with some great people.

REA: Absolutely.

HOST: So how do people apply, where do they find more information?

REA: A couple different spots. EpicMountainExpress.com we have a link for jobs applications up on the top bar and Vail Resorts the career tab.

HOST: Okay, well you guys thank you so much for coming in this morning. Thank you for my sweet coffee so EpicMountainExpress.com that's where you’re gonna find more information, and that's also where you can book your trips with them. I have to say I've had the pleasure of using their services before they're amazing. They're so professional and they take all the stress out of you know those Airport trips back and forth and of course if you have those big events coming up. All right we're gonna take a break coming up we have a look at that local weather forecast and we do have some snow on the way



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