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Join us for our new segment, Adventures in Coaching, where we give you resources to help grow both personally and professionally. Join our expert, Kimberly Smith, as she helps us navigate these fascinating topics!

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Meet the Expert: Kimberly Smith

Kim believes that life should be an adventure and that the process of coaching should be too. As you delve into what’s important to you and your business, discover your “why” and commit to a path that leads to fulfilling your purpose and your career and business goals, the process will be an amazing journey to discover truths about yourself and your business. It will uncover and reveal what may not have been known or seen before, and help you to climb that mountain one step at a time. 


“Coaching should be fun, challenging and filled with steps that take you on an adventure that leads you to your destination. My goal is to help bring clarity of purpose, action, accountability and results for clients through an engaging process that can be created through one-on-one coaching, workshops, retreats and ongoing engagements.”

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