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Good Evening Vail was developed with you in mind – helping you live your best life by learning from others how they thrive in the mountains. The show is designed to be your eyes and ears about all things to fulfill your daily life as well as become part of the community

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Meet your host, Ceci Zak

I'm Ceci Zak, a transplant from the North East, and now the host of Good Evening Vail.


I have had a very busy professional experience, whereby I've held senior global executive positions within pharmaceuticals and advertising, was an adjunct professor at an IVY League business school, started a non-profit, jumped out of an airplane and floated on the Amazon river – but never seemed to ever establish “my place” – a place whereby I can unwind, breathe and enjoy the beauty that mother nature has to offer and become part of a community with like minded people. So three and a half years ago I realized it was time to make a change and leave my high powered, high stressed and highly conflictual job - so change it was and I lived in Europe for a few months to decompress, with my little dog Ruti, and returned to the states to teach skiing and I never left Colorado. Seems like the opposite of many of the younger generations, who move to the mountains right after school and never leave. However, thanks to COVID, it seems like there are more and more of “me” out there, individuals and families, of my generation, spending more time in the mountains, looking to thrive in an absolutely awesome environment.